Eww That Smell! Sneaky Causes Of Sewage Odors In The Home

1 February 2016
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All of that waste that travels through the drainage system in your house to the septic tank may be out of sight, but if you are facing septic issues, the waste will definitely not be out of mind. The fact is, sewage odors wafting through your home are never a welcome fragrance to your nose and could even be a threat to your household's health. If you catch a whiff of septic waste in your house, it is wise to try to track down a professional who can help you eliminate the issue right away. Here are a few of the sneaky causes of sewage issues that you could be dealing with at your house.

Your septic tank is getting overfilled with sludge and waste. 

One of the first telltale signs that you need to have your septic tank pumped is often the offensive odor that will drift up through the drains in your home. Even though it is recommended that homeowners have their tank pumped about every three to five years, it is not uncommon for homeowners to put off this task until they notice something wrong, which is often bad odor problems. If you don't remember the last time your tank was pumped and things are getting stinky, call up a septic tank professional to have your tank checked to see if it is starting to get full. 

You are dealing with a faulty septic ventilation pipe. 

Every septic tank has to have a ventilation pipe that eliminates gases that radiate from the waste. If your home starts to smell like sewage, it could be because there is something wrong with the septic tank's ventilation. The ventilation pipe is usually routed out away from the house, or even up through the roof, so the odors do not interfere with everyday life. If the ventilation pipe gets clogged, damaged, or otherwise, these gases will leak out into places they should not be, like the inside of your house.

Cold weather is causing issues with your septic system. 

A drop in temperatures can change a lot of things about how your septic system works. For example:

  • waste can drain slower through the drain lines.
  • gases traveling through ventilation can get captured inside of the pipes due to ice or snow.
  • drains, normally blocked with water, can become dry or frozen.

Unfortunately, all of these changes can bring about odors in your house. If you are smelling a lot of odor from your septic tank in the winter, you may need to have a few adjustments made to your septic system to alleviate the problem, such as having a technician install heating tape around certain drainage points. Contact companies like The Outhouse for more information about any of these septic tank issues.