How To Fix These Three Common Carpet Problems

13 April 2015
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Carpet is a flooring type that can be difficult to manage. However, the benefits may outweigh the extra amount of maintenance you need to provide if you enjoy having flooring that is soft, comfortable, and keeps the home feeling warm and cozy. If carpet is your flooring of choice, you should know of these three common problems and how you can fix them:

  1. Carpet Dents: Dents in the carpet are a common issue for many homeowners usually due to heavy furniture that you decided to move to another space in the room. In order to prevent these dents from happening, you can place furniture glides on the bottom of heavy furniture or you can simply move the heavy furniture a couple of inches away from where it was every once in a while. If you weren't able to prevent any denting in the carpet, you can use a coin to rub against the dent to help it lift back upright. Once you have done this, hold an iron above the carpet, but be sure that it stays above the carpet and does not touch it. The steam from the iron will help warm the carpet fibers so that it stays in place. 
  2. Carpet Tears: Every once in a while the carpet may tear. This is common if the carpet was not installed correctly and it will begin to tear along the wall. If this is the case, then you will want to bring in professionals to glue the edges back down. However, tears are also common in high traffic areas. In order to fix this, you will also want to hire professionals who will cut out the square and replace it with new carpeting that matches the rest of the carpeting in your home. This costs less than replacing the entire carpet and ensures that you can keep it around for a longer period of time. 
  3. Carpet Snags: Carpet snags are another common problem in looped carpeting. If you don't have looped carpeting, you likely won't have to deal with this problem. The looped carpet fibers can get caught easily onto many things, causing it to snag. You can easily fix this by taking the end of the snag that has carpet adhesive on it, applying more adhesive that you can purchase from your local hardware store and gluing it back down on the floor. 

By knowing what you need to do in order to fix these three common problems, you can be sure that you are better prepared to keeping your carpet around for a long time to come. Otherwise, you may need a carpet repair specialist.