3 Common Septic System Issues Every Homeowner Should Know About

11 March 2016
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Even the highest quality and well-designed septic system was only created to handle human biological waste. In fact, the tank on your septic system is sizably enough to handle human biological waste until the natural bacteria action that takes place inside of the septic system has a chance to break it down. Unfortunately, a lot of septic systems are forced to attempt to handle more than just human waste. Things like toilet paper, soap, hair, food, and even items that are supposed to be flushable can make it harder for the septic system to perform its job. Read More 

Eww That Smell! Sneaky Causes Of Sewage Odors In The Home

1 February 2016
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All of that waste that travels through the drainage system in your house to the septic tank may be out of sight, but if you are facing septic issues, the waste will definitely not be out of mind. The fact is, sewage odors wafting through your home are never a welcome fragrance to your nose and could even be a threat to your household's health. If you catch a whiff of septic waste in your house, it is wise to try to track down a professional who can help you eliminate the issue right away. Read More