Overwhelmed With Clutter? Here’s How To Get Rid Of It

3 September 2015
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If you've lived in the same home for several years, you've probably accumulated a lot of clutter. One reason it's so easy to accumulate a lot of things is because it isn't easy to get rid of them. In fact, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to dispose of paper trash, clothes, and appliances. Here are a few ways to go about it. Rent A Dumpster While it's an additional expense to rent a dumpster, it is worth it when you have a lot of trash to get rid of. Read More 

Backed Up Sewer? 3 Nasty Reasons Why You Should Never Try To Work On Your Septic System Yourself

16 July 2015
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There's no doubt about it, raw sewage is gross. It literally reeks. While most people never come into contact with sewage, those who have a septic system have more opportunities for it to happen. A septic system is basically a holding tank that stores your sewage in your yard until it breaks down naturally. If you have a backup or issue with your septic tank, you could end up with the nasty stuff in your yard. Read More 

Three Actions That’ll Ruin The Pipe Running Between Your Home And Your Backyard Septic Tank

25 June 2015
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If you need a septic tank for dealing with everyday waste products, you also need a large pipe to connect it to your home. While most pipes connecting homes and septic tanks are buried quite low in the ground, they are still sometimes damaged by outside forces. To make sure that the pipe that runs between your home and your septic tank remains undamaged for as long as possible, avoid doing these three things. Read More 

Tips For Planting Over Your Septic Tank’s Leach Field

24 May 2015
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If you've never had a home with a septic system before, you might not be familiar with how to deal with the leach field. Believe it or not, there are some options for you to landscape the area over your septic system, but you'll need to make your choices carefully. Understanding what's acceptable and why is the best place to start. Why Does Leach Field Landscaping Matter? There are many reasons to consider landscaping your septic system's leach field. Read More 

Dumpster Rental A Must For Roof Repairs

21 April 2015
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If you are going to be having some roofing work done on your home and you are worried about the debris, call a dumpster rental company and get costs. Different sizes have different costs, and the roofing company can give you more information on what size is best for the project. You can have a dumpster dropped off at your home for the project, and the contractors can put everything in the bin without hesitation. Read More