Fishing an Entire Day for the First Time on Your Charter Boat? Make Sure You Have These 3 Things with You

17 April 2015
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If you have a new charter boat and taking it out for an entire day of fishing for the first time, make sure you have the three things listed below on your boat. These things do not only help you with emergencies, but also help you while you are fishing.

Portable Toilet

Many charter boats do not have a toilet, and if yours does not, you should take a portable one with you. This is much better than using a bucket or some other makeshift toilet, especially if you have passengers along with you. Some portable toilets have a tent that pops up over them so you can have privacy. If yours does not, you can hold a large beach towel next to it to give the person privacy.

You should take a long a bucket with a tight lid to dispose of the human waste instead of throwing it into the lake. Even though most lakes are already dirty, you do not have to add to that, and throwing something like this in the lake is not nice for swimmers and skiers.

Fishing Line for Stuck Hooks

You never know if someone is going to get a fishing hook stuck in his or her finger, etc. If you do not have a tool that is made to get fishing hooks out of people, take along some 20-pound fishing test line in your boat if you do not already use it. Have the person or someone else hold some pressure down on the top of the hook to hold it in place, run the fishing line across the skin under the hook, and then pull fast. The hook will come out quickly so it is less painful.


If you are fishing in a spot that you want to come back to later in the day or night, buoys can help you find it. These are weighted down so they will not sink or be blown away by the wind. You can purchase these buoys at most places that sell fishing equipment. They usually come in a neon yellow or orange color so you can easily see them. They may stray a little away from the spot, but they will stay in the vicinity of where you placed them.

Besides having all of this with you do not forget to take the sunscreen and a hat to protect your skin, as well as an extra change of clothing. You never know if you will fall in the lake.