Dumpster Rental A Must For Roof Repairs

21 April 2015
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If you are going to be having some roofing work done on your home and you are worried about the debris, call a dumpster rental company and get costs. Different sizes have different costs, and the roofing company can give you more information on what size is best for the project.

You can have a dumpster dropped off at your home for the project, and the contractors can put everything in the bin without hesitation. There are many reasons this is the best disposal option for your roofing project.

Shingles are Heavy and Large

Shingles are very heavy and they may make your trash can over the weight limit for pickup, or you may not be able to move the can once you have all of the shingles in the bin. Instead of trying to cram the dirty and heavy old damaged shingles into your weekly basket, you'll want to put them in a dumpster instead.

You also probably don't realize that you have to dump the old shingles, any rotted or damaged wood, and other roofing materials with the project, requiring a lot of room for waste. A dumpster is ideal for all of these materials.

Nails are Dangerous

You don't want to risk trying to get a bunch of small nails from the roof into your weekly trash can that goes in and out of your home or garage because of the nails. Having a dumpster outside makes sure the nails don't get transported around your living space where someone could step on one and get hurt.

Dumpsters are Convenient

The dumpster company drops the unit off at your home before you start the project, and then you have them haul everything away at the end. You don't do any of the hauling or disposal, and you don't have to worry about the debris.

If the unit gets filled and you have more waste, the company will come and empty it, and deliver a new dumpster for an additional fee. If you have extra room, consider cleaning out your house and getting rid of items you normally wouldn't want to set out at the curb, or that won't fit in your waste bin.

The dumpster rental company is going to have a list of items you can dispose of, so make sure you check it the restrictions before you let the roofing contractors start putting debris in the unit. If you're looking for a dumpster rental company in your area, visit Road Runner Waste Service Inc.